FNOL: The Backbone of Claims Handling

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February 25th, 2015


FNOL is the backbone for claims handling, outlining fundamental strategies to organize and improve tracking methodology. Though it speaks to the fundamentals, FNOL can be very complex.

The process of claims handling can cause anxiety for internal and external customers alike. They need care and compassion on your part. Yet it’s crucial that you ask the right questions to collect appropriately detailed information. These details must then be uploaded into a claims management system in a timely manner.

One mistake can prove costly to both your bottom line and your reputation.

It’s vital to have staff and employees trained in claim handling. They need to be equipped with the know-how of the situation. All the while being able to comfort the customer and carry out his/her job.

A capable FNOL specialist should provide:

  • An extraordinary representative who is well informed about the process
  • A representative who is always ready to talk to a customer
  • A representative who can provide instant care for critical situations

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