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Text and Chat FNOL Support

  • Where is my claim check?

  • Do you know the name of the adjuster?

  • I have not heard back regarding my claim…

Actec supports text and chat functionality in addition to more traditional channels of communication for FNOL solutions. A broader range of intake options empowers customers to make more timely claims and increases their comfort level, reducing stress on your claims team and connecting with a broader demographic of users.

Simple loss claims and related interactions once required a phone call to a FNOL provider. This can increase stress and reduce efficiency for both parties.

Text and chat are additional options for your customers to help improve their customer service experience and lower total program costs. They do not replace phone support.

Actec can streamline data collected from these various channels into concise reports with accessible analytics to help you make meaningful decisions about claim handling.

  • Telephonic Intake

  • Email

  • Fax

  • Web

  • Text/Chat

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Actec’s proprietary intake and distribution system was designed and built using Sertec’s twenty-plus years of multi-industry claim and incident reporting experience. Actec’s FNOL best practices provide the flexibility to customize scripts to meet your requirements for all major commercial and personal lines and disability claims. All aspects of notice intake are tracked from initial contact through every dissemination of the completed report.

FNOL has been transitioned, offering insurers an opportunity to demonstrate their relative professionalism at a time where their policyholders are likely upset and under stress. This is the time, regardless of whether the call center is in house or outsourced, to demonstrate engagement and commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty. FNOL is a critical component of client retention, employee success, and brand identity.

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