Custom Escalation Solutions

Custom Escalation Solutions

Every company, large or small, will face a catastrophic claim. Each company has their own set of protocols in place to make sure the claim is handled in the most efficient way. These protocols aren’t always enough to ensure compliance. Enter custom escalation solutions.

Actec will work with you to ensure complete compliance and effectiveness. We will listen to your needs and help you solve your challenges with meeting your unique requirements, treating every client with the individual attention and time necessary to understand their needs.

  • A proven system to ensure all the contacts are not just called but actually contacted & tracked in our system

  • Email and Text message technology for large escalation distributions

  • Supervisor handling of all catastrophic follow up and distributions

  • A detailed report is available on each escalation

Looking for assistance with catastrophic claim follow-up, reporting and distribution?

Contact Actec for more information on how custom escalation solutions can help your organization.

Actec Systems, a Sertec Company, has provided uninterrupted service every hour of the day since 1989. We continue to change the rules of claim and incident reporting management through full-cycle claim and incident reporting solutions that improve productivity and reduce costs for commercial and personal insurance carriers, self-insured companies, third party administrators, and managed care organizations.

Our proprietary intake and distribution system was designed and built using Sertec’s twenty-plus years of multi-industry claim and incident reporting experience. Actec best practices provide the flexibility to customize scripts to meet your requirements for all major commercial and personal lines and disability claims. All aspects of notice intake are tracked from initial contact through every dissemination of the completed report.

To learn more about custom escalation solutions and other first notice of loss services, or to learn about our absence reporting and absence management services, click below.