24 7 Claim Reporting

Claim Intake & 24/7 Claim Reporting

Claim Intake & 24/7 Reporting Program

Actec provides full-service contact center services, with a proprietary system built specifically for FNOL intake. We specialize in all lines of coverage with an array of tools and services available to configure intake.

Our contact center is open 24/7/365, and utilizes state-of-the-art voice over IP Avaya call management technology.

We offer a worry-free FNOL front end to your claims management system (CMS): you don’t need to install it, license it, maintain it, upgrade it, or support it.

Instead, we will develop an interface to your CMS according to your specifications, delivered on your schedule (as batch files or real-time feeds).

We also perform direct entry into any client’s FNOL/CMS application – the only first notice provider to offer this as a standard service.

Actec handles all types of claim reporting for various lines of business.

TPA’s, Self Insured’s and Insurance companies all use Actec for a reduction in claims lag time reducing your payouts on claims.

Here is how it works:

  • Telephonic: we provide toll-free numbers or local lines, as well as RESPORG coordination. The call center operates 24/7/365, using Avaya VoIP technology, with complete UPS and generator backup and provider redundancy to ensure continuity of service.

  • Email and fax: Actec specifically trains dedicated staff for email/faxed-in claim entry. We use RightFax to manage incoming claim documents. All documents are logged and tracked.

  • Electronic file: some of our clients have large accounts that provide claims from their internal risk management systems. We load and process these files for distribution and filing in the same manner as telephonic and email/fax claims.

  • Internet: browser-based claim entry is available to all customers.

Looking for a worry free, 24/7/365 front end for your claims management system?

Look no further than Actec, and let us help you overcome your FNOL challenges.