US Based Contact Centers

100% US Based Contact Centers

Companies of all sizes are exposed to a variety of claims, some small, some large, some catastrophic. Handling the intake for these claims requires a team that is efficient and effective. Our team excels at this and can scale to meet any need. And our contact center is 100% US based and so is your data

Ensuring regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction is paramount, and Actec will work with you to achieve these goals. We listen to your needs and create customized intake and reporting solutions that enhance your ability to organize and analyze critical data. Read below to learn more.


Actec also offers a lower cost burden option, leveraging near shore telephone claim intake (though all calls are managed through a US based phone system and recordings are housed in the US, so no data leaves US shores).

This ensures that clients receive the same high level of US based services, while decreasing overall costs for claim intake. customers.

It’s important to note the many things that Actec does to ensure a quality experience:

  • All agents are linguistically reviewed prior to hiring making sure the agent speaks quality English with little to no accent.

  • All calls are managed through a US based phone system and recordings are housed in the US. No data leaves US shores.

  • Dedicated quality teams ensure high standards of intake and provide a seamless customer experience.

  • We will never send a call to our near shore location without the express contractual approval of our customer.

  • All IT standards are stringent and meet or exceed most of today’s standards. Actec’s nearshore locations are PCI compliant and are utilized by many large US-based customers.

  • Scalability: We can meet your growth demand easily and affordably.

If you’re looking to decrease costs while keeping a quality call center experience, contact Actec today!

Our contact centers can help your organization reach its true potential.