Successful Claims Management with Superior FNOL Data

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December 4th, 2017


shutterstock_306793247 - CopyClaims intake specialists cannot optimize the claim intake process without the right information. Missing analytics and failing to use the right tools can result in delays, unnecessary expenses, and frustrations for both the agent and the customer. Harnessing the power of quality data at the onset of a claim is vital to successful claims management. For example, insurers can gain insights from claims data to sort and prioritize claims to ensure they reach the right adjusters.

Gather Data at FNOL

The best time to collect information about a claim is when a customer initiates First Notice of Loss (FNOL). Insurance agents should ask for information about the loss, any injuries or damages that occurred, and encourage customers to collect as many photos of the incident as they can. Mobile apps often allow customers to upload photos, which can be a great help to adjusters.

Funneling Claims

Collecting all the relevant data at the outset of the claim can help insurance companies filter the claim through the right channels. For example, data collected about injuries during FNOL can help adjusters triage the claim. The severity of an injury can determine the route a claim takes. If an insurance agent has to transfer the claim to an injury team later down the line, it may require the new agent to redo work on the claim. This wastes time and money as well as reduces customer satisfaction. Proper data collection can help avoid this issue and get the claim to the correct adjuster from the start.
While early information gathering is key, insurance companies need a full-cycle claim solution for effective claims management. Actec’s claims management solutions include complete FNOL activity tracking to support the claims process. To learn more about using FNOL data for effective claims management, contact us today.