Incident Reporting Management Enhances Productivity

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September 22nd, 2014


Incident reporting solutions improve employee productivity. Personnel are one of the most important parts of any organization, and employers should take steps to reduce their risks and liabilities. FROI (First Report Of Injury) is crucial for compliance with workers’ compensation guidelines. When an incident occurs, the insurance companies depend on the accuracy of information collected. The policy holders report a notice about the incident and the incident reporting management companies on the behalf of their clients handle workers’ compensation, auto, property, general liability and other long-term disability claims. They are experienced and trained specialists and capture all data using best practices.

Commercial and personal insurance carriers, third party administrators and self-insured companies utilize services of incident reporting management companies for reducing their costs. The incident reporting process starts when a person reports to the incident reporting company. Each state has a different FROI form and it is required to be completed in quadruplicate. One copy is sent to the employee, one to insurer, one to the state and one is retained for business records. It is necessary to hire the services of a reliable company so that the FROI form is completed promptly. In order to ensure accurate claims, the form must be completed in full and quickly accepted by the state on the first submission.

The cost-effective claim and incident reporting management helps companies in achieving long-term success. The specialists use all means of communication and organization to enhance their clients’ experiences. These include telephone, email, fax and web entry to make sure that comprehensive reporting is done in the most accurate way. While selecting an incident reporting management company, it is vital to ensure that the company files reports timely and accurately to avoid any re-filing fines. The company should be experienced in this field and provide customized solutions as per client’s needs. Hiring the services of such companies improves the work environment for all employees while staying in compliance with the state laws.