High Tech Claims Management and Incident Reporting

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September 15th, 2014


In incident reporting and claims management, it’s critical to stay ahead of the game. This means leveraging all available methods of communication and organization to optimize the client experience. Data integration across all contact methods is crucial. This includes telephone, e-mail, fax, and web entry in order to ensure consolidated reporting and may be filtered by contact method. Individual notices should immediately transmit via automated e-mail or fax to any number of recipients, based on the location, type of report and other criteria.

Scheduled summary reports must also available, allowing regular electronic distribution of reports daily, weekly, monthly, or by custom period to multiple recipients based on level of management within your organization. VoIP solutions are invaluable in enhancing telephonic intake by quickly connecting intake specialists with policyholder account information. Call switch statistics must be available for management reporting by individual incoming number. With these tools, complete call statistics and all associated time tracking may be summarized and archived down to thirty-minute intervals.

To maintain quality standards, Actec trainers and supervisors monitor daily, listening to live calls and recordings in conjunction with remote observation of FNOL intake. We record all calls, which are stored as .wav files and readily accessible. Using RightFax, we are also able to log and distribute in- and out-bound faxes and e-mails for efficient and fully accountable document management. Thorough, advanced organization is key to achieving FNOL success via claims management and incident reporting.