Improve FNOL One Call Intake Management

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December 7th, 2015


shutterstock_138016598 - CopyCreating a one-call solution for FNOL management improves customer satisfaction and claim processing. Having the right staff, software and process in place will help get the right data in the right place in the shortest amount of time.
Incident Reporting in One Call
FNOL call centers are meant to help customers report an incident in a single call. In order for this to happen, you need:

  • Adequate staff for 24/7 365 reporting
  • Trained staff that can collect all relevant details
  • Software that files data electronically
  • Processes that reduce paperwork and unnecessary communication

Call center operators need to be able to enter all information quickly and efficiently so that they can reassure your customers and advise them of necessary next steps. This isn’t always possible in-house, so some companies look to outsourcing.
Outsource Requirements
When reviewing possible FNOL call centers you should make sure that, they meet basic requirements, including:

  • Adequate staffing of trained operators
  • Up to date systems
  • Personalizes solutions to meet your needs
  • Ability to escalate the call when necessary

These requirements will help your customers receive the customer service solutions they deserve and your company receives the data it needs to complete the loss management process.
To help your company understand the intricacies of customer intake solutions, claims handling and first notice of loss, contact the experts at Actec today.