How to Improve the Insurance Call Center Experience

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January 7th, 2019


When customers dial their insurer’s customer service number, they usually go through a phone tree before connecting with a live person. More often than not, customers make use of this number when they have a problem. This means they’re likely on edge and customer service representatives need to be prepared to handle the call with finesse. A knowledgeable and friendly representative is likely to yield better results than an inexperienced and aloof one.

However, every customer service representative has to start somewhere; without practice, they can’t improve. The following are several methods representatives can utilize to improve the customer’s experience:

  1. Build representatives’ confidence. A customer service representative who isn’t sure of him or herself is likely to stumble through many of their calls. Insurance companies need to provide representatives with the right tools to help them gain confidence in their ability to answer any question a client might ask them as well as offer creative solutions for customers’ problems. Providing onboarding training is a good start, but implementing quarterly training can help keep their skills sharp.
  2. Emphasize soft skills. Most customers become frustrated with customer service representatives because they can come across as uncaring or robotic. Soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and adaptability are just as important as technical know-how. Insurance companies should provide training for soft skills to teach representatives how to be compassionate while providing accurate information.
  3. Offer peer-to-peer coaching. Training can provide representatives with the foundation they need to offer quality customer support. However, they will encounter situations or develop questions they may feel uncomfortable discussing with their supervisor. This approach to coaching also fosters better relationships between employees.
  4. Focus on quality. Several key performance indicators (KPIs) can help an insurance company pinpoint areas to improve. For example, the industry standard for answering calls within 30 seconds sits at about 80-85%. If an insurance call center is taking longer than this to answer calls, they are already at a disadvantage regarding customer satisfaction.

Customer service representatives field dozens of calls each day. Making sure that each conversation is a satisfactory experience for the customer is vital to customer retention. To learn more about improving the insurance claims call center experience, contact the experts at Actec.