7 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

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December 24th, 2018


Unmotivated employees are more likely to arrive late for work, leave early, or call out of work altogether. Employee absenteeism doesn’t just wreak havoc on morale; it also takes a large bite out of a company’s bottom line. Absenteeism can cost employers as much as $2500 a day in expenses so it behooves them to find creative ways to keep employees passionate about their work. The following are several suggestions employers can utilize to inspire more enthusiasm in their employees:

  1. Recognize a job well done. Employees need to know their employer appreciates their work. They won’t continue to go above and beyond if their boss never recognizes their effort.
  2. Create small, measurable goals. A project that stretches on for weeks with no end in sight can rapidly demoralize staff. Setting small goals allows staff to visualize their progress and keep them on track.
  3. Celebrate the small things. Applauding milestones helps with motivation as well. Recognition should be specific to the employee to highlight how his or her work directly affects the end goal.
  4. Take breaks at frequent intervals. Employees lose effectiveness the longer they force themselves to work on a tiring project. Sitting for hours on end isn’t healthy either. Taking a five-minute break every hour or so can help employees clear their heads and re-engage with the project.
  5. Explain the big picture. Employees working on small parts of a bigger project may not understand why their work matters. Showing them the big picture and explaining how their work helps achieve that can do wonders for their motivation.
  6. Afford employees more autonomy. Employers and managers often have an idea of how and when a project should progress. However, micromanaging can stifle creativity and lead to resentment. Giving employees more say over their work can improve the final results and their outlook.
  7. Embrace nature. Natural light is vital to keep employees in a good mood. If the office lacks this feature, it may be worth the effort to hold a team meeting outdoors if the weather allows for it. Having a walking meeting can boost creativity as the change of environment allows for new perspectives and fresh ideas.

Improving motivation in the workplace doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Implementing some or all of the above ideas can help boost productivity, improve workplace morale, and have a noticeable effect on employee attendance. To learn more about reducing absenteeism, contact the experts at Actec.