FNOL Management Starts with Gaining Control

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November 17th, 2015


When people are upset they don’t always remember details and can become easily frustrated. Because FNOL management is vital to both the company and the insured, it is important to make that first contact count. Trained representatives can obtain important information during a FNOL contact by gaining control of the conversation and guiding customers through the process.
Don’t Interrupt
Listening skills are important when working in a call center and training often focuses on operators improving active listening expertise. However, part of good listening that is often forgotten is not interrupting the person who is speaking.
It is best to let the person explain what happened without interruption. During the narrative, the operator can jot down notes of important details they can go over when the person is done. Letting the person talk it out often reveals many particulars the operator can use to complete the necessary forms.
Be Empathetic
The customer needs to know that the company realizes this is a terrible event and empathizes with him. Saying things such as “I can imagine how difficult this must be” will let the customer know the operator and the company cares.
Take the Lead
It is also important that the customer is confident they are talking to a professional. The person is upset and frustrated and wants to feel like something is being done to help. If the operator is calm, courteous and professional during the conversation it will help the customer relax enough to give the necessary information.
FNOL management requires the right information as quickly as possible in order to reduce loss or improve chances of recovery. The sooner the company can complete the necessary documents the faster the next phase of the process can begin. Professional operators who are empathetic and have active listening skills will increase the success of the FNOL process from the moment the insured calls the contact center.
FNOL reporting is your company’s opportunity to put its best foot forward. For more information about first notice of loss and 24/7 claims reporting, contact the experts at Actec.