Employee Absenteeism: Causes and Solutions

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September 13th, 2016


employee-absenteeismNo employee can avoid the occasional illness or the unexpected passing of a family member. However, when an employee is absent on a regular basis, there are usually other factors at play. While many employers know that illness is not the only cause of employee absenteeism, not enough of them are taking steps to resolve the source of the issue. Below are some of the most common causes of absenteeism and how to start resolving them.


When a child is sick or their childcare arrangements fall through, one of their parents will have to call out of work to address the problem. Issues of health and childcare take time to resolve, and that time is most often during the work day. To combat this issue, some companies instituted on-site daycares and programs designed to help employees find short and long-term child care.


Many employees desire to maintain a work-life balance but feel burnt out by the end of the week. One solution to this problem is to offer flextime within reason. Some companies allow employees to work longer work days at the beginning of the week so they can work fewer hours at the end of the week. The idea is that employees are better rested at the start of the week, but start to feel the wear and tear of work by the end of the week. By offering flexible work hours, companies can reduce employee burnout and the related absenteeism.


Sometimes, employees get sick. However, the workplace may be contributing to the cause and duration of their illness. Employees who are overworked in poorly designed workplaces experience a higher degree of stress and muscular-skeletal illnesses. Employers can address part of the issue by providing an ergonomic working environment. Employees who are stressed out about returning to long work hours after a prolonged illness may take additional sick days as well. One solution is to offer a slow reintegration. By working a reduced schedule and building back up to normal hours, employees will feel less overwhelmed.
While the above are common causes of routine absenteeism, there are many more attendance difficulties a company can face. To learn more about the causes of employee absenteeism and how to resolve them, contact us.