Automated FNOL and Claim Intake

Posted on

September 20th, 2016


absence management video image borderMany companies are looking for ways to improve their claim intake process. Technological solutions are often a high priority. Such technology boasts electronic crash detection, automated first notice of loss (FNOL), prognostic solutions that aid in the vehicle repair process, and more. It works for insurers similar to how OnStar functions for drivers. However, while there are benefits to such technology, there are a number of drawbacks as well.


  • Collision injury support. The technology includes contacting rescue support in the event of a collision. Even if the driver is not injured, knowing that assistance is on the way can help keep them calm. This is helpful for drivers who do not have security systems like OnStar.
  • Automated claims. Many policyholders are shaken up after an accident. They may not think to contact their insurance right away or may be too panicked or injured to do so.
  • Reduce hit and run incidents. This technology can help eliminate hit and run collisions. If the policyholder flees the scene of the accident, their insurance company will still know about it. The police will be able to subpoena the insurance company for the information and help aid the other individual involved in the accident.


  • Fender benders. If an accident is not severe and the damage caused is negligible, the policyholder may not wish to contact their insurance. Accidents increase insurance rates, so some policyholders opt to pay for repairs out of pocket. This technology would inform the insurance company regardless, triggering the first notice of loss.
  • Overtaxing law enforcement. While the technology can assess the severity of the crash, it will always notify local law enforcement. Minor incidents do not often require a police presence.
  • Damage to the vehicle. In order to get the most accurate damage estimates, a physical person should inspect the vehicle. If the predictive technology is imperfect then the policyholder may not receive adequate money to repair the vehicle. The vehicle may even be beyond repair.

To achieve similar benefits without the significant drawbacks of such an implementation, it’s best to develop in-house solutions that work and improve your FNOL and claims process. To learn more about how to improve your claims management process, contact us.