Completing the FNOL Process with Value Added Services

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June 7th, 2016


shutterstock_138016598 - CopyPeople are taught that when they get into a car accident the first thing they need to do is call their insurance agent. What your FNOL call center and adjusters do when customers call to report an accident will help make the entire claims process easy or just another part of their new nightmare.
Putting People First
When a person calls to report an accident, the call center agent shouldn’t just open their computer screen and start asking questions so they can fill out the necessary forms. The first question anyone asks when they hear someone has been in an accident is “Are you all right?”
Before an agent event touches a form, they should ask the customer if they are all right and tell them how sorry they are that this has happened to the individual. Put the person first before the claim and this will help your company make a human connection with the customer.
Immediately Send Important Details
In addition to filling out the necessary paperwork, the FNOL specialist needs to let the customer know everything that will happen in the next several hours, days, and weeks. Let them know if they qualify for a rental car, explain how the car will be inspected, let them know how quickly the claim will be processed, and when the customer can expect funds for repairs or to pay off a loan if the car is totaled.
After completing the FNOL process, the agent needs to send a written copy of this information to the customer. The person will have many things going on in their heads at that moment and may still be in shock. They may forget what the call center agent said five minutes after they hang up the phone.
Sending a copy of a list of next steps and customer responsibilities will help increase customer satisfaction and make sure the customer does what they need to do to complete a claim. Sending it in multiple formats, such as text and email, in addition to updating their online insurance information, will offer an added value that your customers will appreciate as they try to get their lives back to normal.
Be Proactive
The FNOL specialist, adjuster and anyone else who handles the claim should be proactive throughout the process. Contact the customer via phone or email on a regular basis to offer updates and to check on how the person is doing. This will reduce the customer’s stress and help them understand what is going on with their claim without having to log on to the company website or call the insurance agent.
Offering value added services doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Showing that your company cares about the individual, being proactive with claim updates and offering next step information across multiple channels are small improvements that will offer your company big rewards.
And to learn more ways your company can improve your FNOL process, contact the experts at Actec.