Benefits of New Absence Management Strategies

Posted on

June 14th, 2016


shutterstock_174966584 smAt a recent HR conference, corporations like Pepsi Co explained the benefits they have seen by creating a cohesive absence management strategy.
Corporations aren’t the only organizations that silo their absence management, disability programs and other Human Resource tasks. Whether you are an organization of 50 employees or 5,000, separating HR functions can lead to:

  • Duplicate forms to satisfy all regulatory requirements
  • Inefficiencies in returning employees to work after their leave has expired
  • HR staff struggling to track all the different types of leave

These inefficiencies also lead to drop in their revenue. Pepsi Co and other organizations merged their absence with disability management in order to coordinate claims tracking, integrate lost time data and implement best practices across all HR operations.
The result:

  • A reduction in overall costs
  • An understanding of employee leave and absence drivers
  • A company-wide increase in productivity

Another step in this integration process was to establish a centralized reporting center. The call center offers employees a phone number that will connect them with a representative capable of tracking all absence types and answering any absence-related questions.
You don’t have to be a large corporation to leverage an integrated absence management program. Contact the experts at Actec to learn what an integrated call center can do for your business.