Better Day 1 Absence Management

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January 20th, 2015


Employee well being is now addressed as a huge risk and cost for businesses. Absence plays a huge role in part of this cost, forced forward by by a lack of strong information and fickle procedures for absence reporting and management.

For example, absence due to sickness can have a substantial impact on the operations of a business. It results in a lot of working days lost which hampers the performance of the company as well as day to day carrying out of tasks.

Our system of absence management provides vital intervention and vigorous reporting which enables a company to better understand and lessen the possibility and expense of employee absence. With the help of our system, your business stands to gain and understand the following:

  • Upsurge productivity by diminishing the length as well as number of absences
  • Enhance and accelerate claims reporting and reviews
  • Trace and calculate regularity and expenses of absences

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