Absence Management Fundamentals

Posted on

February 11th, 2015


Absence management
pertains to any illness or unsanctioned absence from work. The rate of absenteeism can vary depending on the size of your company, but no matter the size it is vital to remember that absence is a cost for the company. This applies to the financial and operational aspect as well.

Given this, what are the main causes of absenteeism?

  • Short/long term sickness
  • Pressure at the workplace
  • Worry and unhappiness
  • Issues with family

There is no clear solution to absence, however firms can have procedures in place when an employee returns to work. Interviews and disciplinary actions will do the job well. Remember to always be careful to not to demean the employee.

One big reason to implement these protocols is to cut the employee costs and improve their engagement with the company, all of which will increase the all-round productivity. Similarly a key factor in cutting illness absence, is the commitment of senior level associates.

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