8 Simple Steps For Discussing Employee Attendance

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December 29th, 2014


Employee attendance issues should be handled in an effective manner that conveys the company standpoint across without putting the employee down. Read on for eight simple steps that can help you manage the process in a thoughtful manner, one that ensures everything goes smoothly when an issue arises.

  1. Prepare for the meeting by gathering all the facts, including dates of absence or tardiness, reasons given for each incident, and any supporting documentation or notes.
  2. Meet with the employee privately. The sales floor, lunch room or an open cubicle are not the right settings for a discussion about employee absenteeism.
  3. Be sure they know this meeting is for information-gathering rather than condemnation or threats.
  4. Remember, this employee is a valuable part of your business. Your focus should be on solving a problem, not punishing someone for breaking rules.
  5. Explain how the missed work days hurt the business.
  6. Ask questions about the reasons for the employee’s absences.
  7. If there is a consistent reason for the employee absences, see if there is a solution you can offer.
  8. After the meeting, monitor your employee’s attendance and address any additional concerns as soon as they arise.

In addition, it’s important to have a solid process for tracking employee absenteeism. Click here to learn more about the solutions available.