5 FNOL Terms You Need to Understand

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March 10th, 2016


shutterstock_252811903 - CopyAs with any industry, insurance is filled with abbreviations. The abbreviations regarding FNOL call centers are important for businesses to understand if they want to improve customer satisfaction and handle claims efficiently. Here are five terms you need to understand for your FNOL Call Center.
ASA stands for Average Speed to Answer. This is the amount of time it takes for your intake specialists to respond to inbound calls. If your ASA is too long you may have issues with ATA.
ATA is an abbreviation for Average Time Abandonment. If a customer is on hold too long they will disconnect the call. If a customer hangs up because they receive a recorded message, the phone rings for a long time without being answered or the individual is left on hold too long you will have to deal with dissatisfied customers. Two reasons for increased customer disconnects can be ATB and CHT.
ATB or All Trunks Busy is a term used when all lines are engaged so the call center can’t receive additional inbound calls or make outbound calls. ATB often occurs when a company doesn’t have the right infrastructure to handle call volume.
Call Handling Time (CHT) is the total time it takes for a call center representative to handle a claim, including time on the phone with the customer and time after the call to complete the necessary paperwork. If an intake specialist takes too much time handling one claim, the ASA is increased, which affects the companies ATA. EDI may also impact CHT, thereby decreasing the quality of the entire intake process.
EDI is the Electronic Data Interchange used by all claim management parties. The more efficient a company’s EDI is, the faster a call center can complete a FNOL intake form. Efficient EDI also reduces penalties, fines and customer dissatisfaction.
Understanding these five terms and managing their impact on your call center will create an efficient FNOL intake process. Some companies have a handle on these five terms, while others need to find ways to improve their FNOL management. Contact the experts at Actec for more information about our proprietary intake solution, and how you can use it to improve workflow and improve customer satisfaction