Why Your Business Needs Live Chat Support

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February 9th, 2021


Businesses connect with their customers through several channels. They interact with them through phone calls, emails, and social media. However, adding chat and text support to the list can reap significant rewards. Providing top-notch customer service is also critical to compete with other organizations. The top benefits of live chat and text support include:

  1. More conversions. Most organizations are in the business of selling something, whether it’s goods, products, or services. The transaction often begins online as eCommerce continues to grow in popularity. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, however, there is no sales associate or help desk to assist the customer. Chat support helps bridge this gap to improve the customer’s experience and facilitate a purchase.
  2. Better user experience. Nothing is more aggravating for a customer than calling a company, navigating a complex phone tree, and repeating their inquiry multiple times until they connect with the right department or agent. Chat support software can store historical data about previous inquiries to reduce repetition for the customer.
  3. Convenience for the customer. Calling customer support, messaging a social media page, or sending an email all have one common pain point for the customer: time. For example, when a customer urgently needs an answer about their insurance policy, waiting on hold can be agonizing. Live chat can provide immediate answers with minimal wait times.
  4. Advantage over the competition. Beyond the better customer service element, chat support can help companies obtain new business. If a customer is comparing two products from competing vendors, the company that offers chat support to answer their questions is more likely to earn the customer’s business.
  5. Motivates agents. Customer service representatives deal with stressed, upset, and irate customers on a regular basis. Fielding these calls can take a toll on agents and erode their drive. Writing messages over chat or text, however, is much less fatiguing as agents don’t have to absorb the customers’ moods.

Chat support can improve customer service, employee engagements, and profits. Contact the experts at Actec to learn more about our chat and text support services.