When FNOL Results in Multiple Claims

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March 18th, 2019


When a customer makes initial contact following an incident, they’ve triggered first notice of loss (FNOL). While many clients think of filing a claim as a one-and-done process, some accidents pose tricky challenges that can result in numerous claims stemming from one FNOL contact. The following are a few of the claims that may arise when a customer initiates FNOL:

  1. Property damage. This is typical following a car accident. The car itself is the most common damaged property; however, customers toting expensive items, such as during a move, may have more damage to report. Coverage for this typically falls under the at-fault driver’s liability section of their insurance policy. However, if the at-fault driver lacks insurance or sufficient coverage, the other individuals can use their uninsured motorist coverage to address the property damage.
  2. Worker’s Compensation. If the individual reporting the accident was on the job while it occurred, any bodily injury caused by a third party falls under their employer’s worker’s compensation policy.
  3. Bodily injury. Outside of incidents that occur while on the job, customers injured during an accident are entitled to bodily injury coverage. This type of claim seeks funds for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Much like property damage claims, the expense for this falls on the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. If the at-fault driver’s policy limits fall short of the injured party’s needs, that individual can turn to his or her own insurance policy to bridge the gap.

All incidents have a set amount of time for a client to initiate FNOL. While property damage generally has a five-year statute of limitations, personal injuries typically only have two. This varies from state to state so it’s important to identify coverage laws for the state the accident occurred in.

It’s imperative for insurance agents to ascertain all possible claim types when a customer initiates FNOL. Customers may not be aware of what coverage is available to them to help them recoup their expenses and recover following an accident.

Navigating multiple claims can be confusing for customers, particularly those unfamiliar with their coverage. Actec can help insurance companies implement a robust FNOL call center as well as customer-centric claim and incident reporting solutions. Contacts us to learn more.