Top Absence Management Issues and How to Resolve Them

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February 26th, 2018


Many companies are still unsure of how to handle certain absence management issues such as adhering to government regulations, creating absence policies and instituting workflows to ensure that all absence administration is handled quickly and efficiently. While there are more resources available, organizations are often confused regarding what tools they need to create an effective absence management policy.
Top Absence Management Issues
The top four issues most companies face today are:shutterstock_174966584 sm

  • Implementing state and federal leave laws
  • Adhering to the ADA Amendments Act
  • Ensuring employees can safely perform duties after an injury
  • Having adequate staff resources for efficient absence administration

Without the right knowledge and resources, companies suffer from an increase in absenteeism, more overtime expenses to cover for absent employees and a decrease in production.
Centralized Absence Management Portal
Companies need to create written absence and return-to-work policies for employees and management to refer to when dealing with casual absences and leaves of absence. An interactive strategy that correlates employees, HR and management will also be beneficial in reporting and monitoring employee leave. In order to leverage written policies and interactive absence strategies, businesses also need a central hub for reporting absences, including:

  • Short- Term Disability
  • FMLA Absences
  • Military Duty Leave
  • Jury Duty Leave
  • Funeral/Bereavement
  • Casual (sickness, injury, tardy, family issues, etc.)

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