Technology a Critical Component in FNOL Solutions

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October 24th, 2016


shutterstock_229854826 1920x750First notice of loss plays a critical role in many organizations. The manner in which data is reported, transmitted, managed, stored, organized, and used will dramatically impact the efficacy of an FNOL operation and everything it touches. Whether in use by an insurance carrier, an airline, or other FNOL-dependent organizations, success has been redefined by the widespread implementation of technological advancement. What kinds of technology play such an important role?
Electronic Data Interchange – FROI, SROI and medical bills can be carefully reviewed before submission to avoid delays. This can improve customer service while decreasing costs and reducing error.
Adaptable, Cloud-Accessible Database Functionality – Keep data in the form most conducive to its users with unique, cloud-accessible implementations of data intake, organization, and management.
Multifold Communication – Leveraging modern communication tools like social media and texting to communicate reduces lag time in reporting and management while increasing customer and employee satisfaction.
High Fidelity VoIP – Increase bandwidth, record communications for further analysis, and decrease costs with internet-based telecommunications.
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