Streamline FNOL to Deliver Superior Customer Service

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June 27th, 2017


smart devicesCustomers never think about insurance until they need it. When it comes time to file a claim, consumers want the process to be fast, streamlined, and accessible. By modernizing your FNOL processing you will be able to improve the customer experience.
Customize the Claims Process
Companies need to customize the claims process with software solutions, electronic delivery, and online communications tailored to their business model and the needs of their clients. Customers demand solutions that meet or exceed their expectations while conforming to their logistical challenges..
Synchronize Processing
FNOL is only one step in a complicated processing chain. Each step of the process may be handled by different departments, but claims processing needs to be synchronized so that the experience is seamless for customers.
Uncomplicated Processing
Customers need assistance when they’ve been the victim of theft, automotive collision, and a host of other unfortunate events. The last thing they need to worry about is navigating a complicated claims process. Updating your process with data management, cloud and CRM systems will help your company make claim intake and the FNOL process easier for your customers. This includes mobile compatibility, social media responsiveness, metrics and analysis to better understand your claim intake needs, and more.
State Requirements
Your customers consider you the authority regarding state policies and requirements. Your representatives need to have the answers for customers as well as understand company obligations. Talking customers through the process and letting them know your organization will handle state requirements will put their mind at ease.
Simplifying the Process for the Company
When you are working to enhance the customer experience you also need to find ways to make it easier for your company to manage claims. Sometimes outsourcing FNOL solutions can allow your company to focus on other aspects of managing claims. For more information about absence reporting, first notice of loss, and 24/7 claims reporting, contact the experts at Actec.