Strategic Absence Reporting & Management

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December 6th, 2016


shutterstock_252811903 - CopyWhen an employee is off work due to an injury or sickness, many managers request a doctor’s note indicating how long the employee will be out of the office to recuperate. They also tend to find out what accommodations the employee may need to return to work. However, there are better ways to manage the return-to-work process.
Many employers do not have a dedicated return-to-work process as they handle each employee on a case-by-case basis. However, there are costs associated with long-term employee absences. Not only that, but there is rarely dedicated staff to manage absences in a meaningful way. If employers take proactive steps to managing absences, they can reduce absence-related expenses.
In order to manage attendance and the return-to-work process proactively, employers need to look at their current policies. Consider the following:

Absence Communication

Employees need an effective way to communicate absences. More often than not, their only course of action is to leave a message with their boss. It may be days or weeks before human resources (HR) learns of the illness/injury. Implement proper communication channels so the employee can contact the right person to reduce delays.

Support the Supervisors

Supervisors need an easy way to track absences. Asking them to document medical notes for weeks at a time is burdensome and unrealistic. Implementing an online system to manage most of the legwork saves time and keeps all relevant information in one place.

Support the Employee

More often than not, the sick or injured employee has to deal with the medical system on his or her own time. Because they are unfamiliar with it, this causes delays. By retaining a dedicated staff to help the employee manage the medical challenges, employers can facilitate a faster return to work.
Proper absence management can save costs due to delays. These fixes can improve flaws within existing processes as well as implement new procedures to save time and money. The best way to approach these changes is with an in-house solution tailored to your needs. Contact Actec to learn more.