Recent Case Study Results: After-Hours Call Center Solution

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December 15th, 2010


The Problem:

When a human resources administration service company developed an in-house absence management system, they wanted their previous after-hours call center vendor to enter claioms directly into the new application. The vendor refused, offering instead to develop a custom intake solutiong – at the client’s expense. Without an intake service, the client risked alienating their most important customer accounts. The client came to Actec with two absolute requirements – use the newly developed application and start within nine days.

The Solution:

Each of the client’s accounts – primarily large, Fortune 500 companies – requires special handling, from caller authorization to terminology. This was not provided on the custom intake system. Therefore, training and manual documentation was extremely critical. Within seven days, Actec was trained on the client’s system. Actec then prepared workstation manuals and developed backup intake forms to use during the client’s nightly system maintenance downtime.  With an intensive week of training, manual preparation anc connectivity and user setup, we opened our phone lines right on target. The client extended coverage to daytime overflow.

Factors contributing to Actec’s success were:

  • Intake Specialists could call on their familiarity with a broad client base in the absence management, FMLA and disability arena – minimizing training time.
  • Utilizing extensive experience to provide intake services on client applications.
  • Agile organization showed the flexibility required to implement a complex client on a short timeline.