Outsourcing Absence Management & FNOL

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November 4th, 2014


When it comes to absence management and first notice of loss, timing is crucial. Outsourcing these services to a qualified third party prevents bandwidth restriction and reduces the chance of organizational failure.

Failing to document an absence promptly and accurately can cause significantly more complication down the road. Similarly, returning a first notice call an hour later or the next day may be too late – they may have already contacted an attorney.  This will increase the cost of your claims dramatically and will simultaneously reduce the effectiveness and level of customer service provided by your organization.  This is why many of today’s contact centers employ outsourced call centers staffer with claims professionals to improve the customer experience.

By leveraging a contact center for overflow, nights, weekends and holidays, you will improve the efficiency in your organization by as much as 40% while greatly improving your customer experience.  All of which impact the bottom line.  Today, many high quality call centers outsource FNOL for overflow and non-peak times.