Newer Technology Proving Unpopular for Claim Filing

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November 17th, 2017


shutterstock_138016598 - CopyTechnology is booming in several industries, the insurance sector included. However, while customers are more than happy to use mobile apps to buy insurance and review their policies, they hesitate to manage their claims this way. J.D. Power conducted a customer satisfaction study focusing on auto insurance and found only nine percent of customers provided first notice of loss (FNOL) via the internet or mobile app. Surprisingly, younger generations also prefer to provide FNOL by phone as a meager 12% reported their claim via digital means.
This would not be a major cause for concern if not for two facts:

  1. Insurers have invested heavily in technology, and for good reason. The frequency, severity, and cost of claims are on the rise so they need to automate much of the claims process to help manage expenses.
  2. Customer satisfaction with technological FNOL plummeted 16 points. This means that not only are insurers using technology more often, their customers are not happy about it.

However, not all is doom and gloom for insurance apps. Where insurance technology shines is with status updates. While only 16% of insured individuals use a mobile app to receive updates about their claim, their satisfaction is 33 points higher than those who do not. However, this trend skews toward Generation Y and Millennials. Pre-Boomers, for example, do not care for mobile updates. However, as younger generations begin to eclipse all other insured generations, their preferences will take center stage.

What Does This Mean for Insurance Providers?

Customers prefer the human touch when providing FNOL, but technology still has a place in the claims process. To ensure the greatest customer retention and growth, insurers need to tighten up their FNOL process. They also need to train agents on how to maximize customer satisfaction during the FNOL phase of the claim. From there, insurance companies can automate some of the claims processes without disappointing their customers. Actec can help insurers achieve these goals with our custom claim intake solutions. To learn more, contact us today.