You May Not Have a Handle on FMLA

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May 3rd, 2016


Adhering to the Family and Medical Leave Act is a management issue for many employers. If you think that you have a handle on FMLA management, you may be wrong. Most companies run into issues with FMLA compliance, and those issues can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
dolThree Common FMLA Issues
There are three main areas where many companies struggle with FMLA compliance.
Those areas are:

  • Determining if an employee has a qualifying health condition
  • Deciphering State and Federal leave laws
  • Tracking FMLA intermittent absences

Unknown FMLA Facts
Here are some other facts you may not realize about FMLA management:

  • Tracking FMLA related absences makes up 6% of payroll costs
  • The Department of Labor initiates 43% of FMLA related investigations
  • If a company loses a FMLA case, it can cost over $500,000

Managing FMLA absences is important to maintain compliance. Even if you feel you have intermittent and extended absence management under control, your company may not be handling them in an efficient manner.
Effective absence management requires a comprehensive strategy and an effective way to track and manage all absences. Contact the experts at Actec to learn how they can help you track absences and ensure compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act.