Improving Performance with Call Center Outsourcing

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April 25th, 2017


shutterstock_138016598 - CopyStaffing and managing an internal call center is a challenge for many insurance companies. This becomes especially difficult if the company boasts 24/7 availability. Many companies could benefit from outsourcing their call centers. Below are some of the top ways outsourcing call centers can improve an insurance company’s performance.

Focus on Core Areas of Expertise

Many insurance company executives want to invest their employees’ time in what they do best: resolving claims, gaining and retaining customers, and developing new ideas to improve their current services. However, finding and training staff on call center protocol takes a lot of time. Executives also have to deal with any employee turnover, so staffing an internal call center demands much of their attention. Handing off call center services to a qualified company removes this distraction and allows insurance companies to focus on refining their services.

More Support and Less Stress

Outsourced call centers provide additional support for insurance companies. If a customer tries to call their insurer and discovers they will have to deal with a long wait time, they are likely to abandon the call. If this happens too often, they may begin shopping around for another provider. Policyholders also become agitated after long wait times, which can create unnecessary tension between the customer and the insurance agent.
Outsourcing call centers allows insurance companies to focus on their areas of expertise as well as reduce stress for both insurance agents and policyholders. To learn more about how outsourcing call centers can improve company performance and efficiency, contact the experts at Actec.