Improve FNOL Customer Satisfaction for Better Retention

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November 10th, 2016


shutterstock_138016598 - CopyFirst notice of loss (FNOL) occurs when a customer first contacts their insurance provider to make a claim. It should not come as a surprise if the customer is upset. They were either just in an accident, experienced a theft, or some other kind of damage occurred to their insured property. An insurer’s FNOL process offers a major customer service opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

How to Improve FNOL Satisfaction

A claim intake specialist may feel they cannot improve a customer’s experience if the customer is already distressed. It is true the specialist may not be able to improve the customer’s situation in that instant. However, there are steps they can take to leave a positive long-term impression.
The claim intake specialist should explain the policy coverage to the customer. Even though the customer selected their current level of coverage, they may not remember every detail about their policy. No customer wants to be left in the dark when it comes to what his or her policy covers.
The specialist should also provide details on the claims process. The customer may not know what steps they need to take or when to expect their claim payout. If the customer knows it takes 5-7 business days for their claim payout to process, they will not be wondering where their money is three or four days after filing their claim.
Improving customer satisfaction through FNOL goes beyond retaining current customers. Customers who are delighted with their insurance provider’s performance are much more likely to recommend their insurer to others. To learn about custom in-house solutions to improve your FNOL process, contact Actec.