How to Improve Claims Management Workflow in 3 Simple Steps

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June 5th, 2018


shutterstock_251707783 smThere are only so many hours in a day, but clients don’t care about their insurer’s workflow problems. They want answers to their questions, rapid resolutions for their claims, and quick payouts for settlements. While insurance companies can’t make the day any longer, they can optimize their existing procedures to improve efficiency. The following are several ways to improve the claims management workflow.

Consolidate and Share Data

Insurers that rely solely on spreadsheets limit their service abilities. When insurance agents and adjusters need to access information about a claim, a massive excel spreadsheet is not the most efficient method. Storing data on several databases also makes it difficult to find all of the relevant information, which slows down the claims resolution process. By storing all data in one location and granting access to all relevant employees, insurers can speed up the claims management cycle.

Prepare for Emergencies

Many businesses operate well enough until they are hit with an emergency. They don’t have the ability to take on the additional work, so their day-to-day tasks sit on the sidelines until they can resolve the problem. This creates a looming disaster, as the sheer volume of backlogged work will swiftly overwhelm employees. If insurance companies consolidate their data as suggested above, adjusters and agents can access the information they need much faster, which better enables them to handle emergency situations.

Look for Trends

When data is easier to access and view, insurers can identify trends much faster. For example, an insurance company may notice certain natural disasters provoke more fraudulent claims than others do. They can then look at those false claims and search for commonalities to red flag similar claims going forward. This can save hours of time otherwise spent working on a case that may or may not be duplicitous.
Resolving bottlenecks in the claims management process doesn’t always have to be complicated. Sometimes, it’s as simple as revamping an existing system to make it work better. If your claims management process is causing headaches, contact the experts at Actec to learn how we can help.