Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters Substantially Increase FNOL (First Notice of Loss) Volume

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September 13th, 2017


shutterstock_487910935s,With Harvey and Irma making landfall over the past 30 days and wildfire racing through the western states, all facets of the insurance industry are in overdrive. As Jose heads north and Maria further decimates the Caribbean, the importance of accurate first notice of loss can’t be overstated. Here at Actec we’ve had multiple Florida-based organizations move all of their calls to our center here in Atlanta. Some of them started as early as 7 days prior to the storm’s arrival.
Atlanta faced similar hurricane-related challenges on Monday as calls came in at a feverish pace. With schools closing throughout the state and our own employees having to stay at home, a strong remote workforce was critical to success during this time. We were able to ensure that no FNOL call would not go unanswered. Actec answered almost double our normal volume on 9.11.17.  In addition to our remote workforce, Actec put many members of the management team on the phone and even brought in some temporary workers.
First notice of loss is a critical component of running a successful insurance business. From strong customer service to prompt and accurate claim intake, life is better for everyone when the FNOL process goes smoothly. If your current FNOL provider failed to live up to expectations during Harvey, Irma, western wildfires, or other natural disasters in your area, consider giving Actec a call.