How to Offer Superior First Notice of Loss Support

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July 6th, 2020


When a customer first contacts their insurance provider to report an accident, theft, or other covered incident, they’re initiating first notice of loss (FNOL). Most insurance carriers know that FNOL is critical to securing customer satisfaction. However, insureds are often upset when they begin FNOL as they’ve just experienced a loss so their tolerance for mistakes or delays is low. Inefficient processes, clunky communication, and data intake errors will further upset them as well as lower customer approval and erode loyalty.

Thankfully, insurance providers can take the following steps to improve FNOL and customer satisfaction:

  1. Identify workflow bottlenecks. One of the most common customer complaints regarding their insurance company is a delay in claims processing. Whether the adjuster is missing critical information, the claim requires a specialized adjuster, or there are documentation errors, delays can derail customer satisfaction. Finding common headache sources during FNOL and rectifying them can keep customers happy.
  2. Provide options for FNOL. When an insured needs to report a loss, they don’t want to jump through several hoops to get to the right person. Providing several options for reporting FNOL allows insured customers to initiate FNOL when, where, and how they prefer. This means offering intake options via telephone, a web portal, text messaging, etc.
  3. Engage with customers digitally. Even with optimized claim intake processes, insurers may require more information than they captured during FNOL. Sending missing information alerts via text messaging allows customers to provide the information quickly and keeps the claim on track. Digital channels of communication such as chat support improve transparency as well as customers can receive updates on their claim status, settlements, and more.

Implementing chat and text functionality is of particular benefit to insurance carriers. It creates a new channel for claims intake while providing superior service to insured customers experiencing a loss. Chat support can also answer common questions regarding claims, which allows insurance adjusters to focus on processing claims faster.

If your FNOL process is creating more headaches than its solving, Actec can help. Contact us to learn more about enhancing FNOL, implementing new communication channels, and improving claims management.