Are FNOL Apps The Next Big Thing?

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February 2nd, 2016


The saying “there’s an app for that” doesn’t apply to First Notice of Loss (FNOL). At least not yet. As insurance companies rush to maintain competitive advantage with top of the line service offerings, an FNOL app may be the next big thing. But is it what customers want?
People Don’t Think About Insurance
People don’t think about their insurance. Then, when something does happen, the last thing a person thinks about is contacting their insurance agent. FNOL reports are often delayed because the insured didn’t consider reporting the loss while in the middle of the situation.
An App May Fix That
People do love their smart phones and are always looking for new apps to make their lives easier. If they had an FNOL reporting app on their phone they may consider filing their claim sooner. It would also benefit companies because they wouldn’t have to have 24/7 call centers staffed with agents who specialize in FNOL intake.
Do Customers Want It?
Would customers want to use an FNOL app or does it just sound good to insurance companies? Older customers still feel more comfortable talking to people on the phone when handling important matters such as First Notice of Loss. Even millennials, who love DIY portals on websites, still prefer to call their insurance agents in certain situations, such as discussing their policy, payment issues and filing claims.
So for now an FNOL app doesn’t seem like a good solution to intake claim management. It is still important to have an effective FNOL intake strategy in place, which includes a 24/7 365 call center.
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