Fixing Your First Notice of Loss Process

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April 11th, 2017


smart devicesProactive claims handling is necessary for insurance providers to thrive. A company using a dated paper-based system cannot deliver the level of service customers now expect of their providers. The greatest opportunity insurance carriers have to ensure customer satisfaction is when the customer provides their first notice of loss (FNOL).

FNOL Checklist

Insurance companies should ask the following questions to evaluate their FNOL process:

  1. Do customers have a variety of options for initiating a claim?
  2. Can customers use their smartphone or tablet to initiate a claim?
  3. Can customers upload information via photos?
  4. Do claims representatives have easy access to the data they need to begin the claim?
  5. Do customers receive real-time feedback about their claim?

If an insurance provider cannot answer yes to all of these questions, it is time to overhaul the FNOL process. Failure to provide a certain standard of service can result in customer retention issues.

Putting Customers First

Implementing customer-centric FNOL solutions can reduce complaints as well as help protect a business’ reputation. By focusing on the customer’s experience, businesses provide the following benefits to their policyholders:

  • Ability to choose the method of FNOL (i.e. through a call center, website, or mobile app)
  • Enable digital interaction such as text alerts about missing data or uploading photo documentation
  • Streamlined FNOL submissions to improve the speed of the claim as well as reduce errors

To learn more about customized FNOL solutions that improve customer satisfaction, contact the experts at Actec.