Efficiently Manage Your Risks with Incident Reporting Services

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June 27th, 2012


Actec Systems is a reputable name in the industry for providing efficient incident reporting services to clients. The intake specialists are experienced in handling calls and reporting all vital details at FNOL. The call center employs multiple T-1 and T-3 lines and the most advanced VoIP switch technology so not a single call gets missed. They conduct an in-depth analysis of your goals and design customized scripts to capture the details that you need and then offer your customers various reporting options such as e-mail, fax, internet and electronic file submission. They improve the quality and quantity of the data captured. The specialists at Actec Systems are experienced in designing and implementing highly intuitive workflow driven applications for your business.

The best feature of Actec Systems is that their solutions are customer driven. For effective incident reporting management, they employ the best practices for capturing complete information at the first time. The customized workflows ensure accuracy and reduction in call times. All data is accurately recorded in their proprietary system. The claims reports are then converted into actionable reports so you can start investigations, track activities and manage risks. The complete incident reports are sent to various recipients such as government agencies via EDI, mail, phone, e-mail or other format.

Incident reporting services help reduce the claims paid out, the handling expenses and administrative costs. The litigation costs as well as medical expenses also get reduced. Their clear and accurate details provide you a complete overview and you can easily identify risks and manage them. The benefits of incident reporting management include lowering call handle times and increasing the efficiency of customer services. With Actec services, you can gain a complete view of claims operations through real-time analytics. You will be in a position to conveniently resolve claims faster and gain higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. For more information about Actec Systems, please browse through www.actec.net.