FNOL Strategies: Efficient Data Entry Strategy For Claim Management

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September 1st, 2015


Claim management is a critical element of a First Notice of Loss (FNOL) system. The efficiency of data entry, quality assurance and information systems help companies save money and adhere to policy requirements. One of the first aspects of claim management is an efficient data entry strategy.
What Is Entered Matters
When call center operators assist consumers with a FNOL report, the information entered during that contact will set the tone for the rest of the claim process. If the operator is able to capture vital information quickly and enter it into the system, the company will be able to continue the next stages of the process efficiently. If, however, the operator fails to answer the right questions, obtain all of the necessary information or properly document the conversation then extra steps will be needed to complete the process.
Software Isn’t the Only Concern
The right software is an important element of claim management. The ability to create customized fields so that operators can ask the right questions will help make the intake process fast and efficient. Organizing the screens so that operators spend less time moving through pages and more time entering information is also important. But operator training and company policies are also vital.
Operator Training
Good customer service skills and empathy are important traits for call center operators who handle first notice of loss contacts. They need to be able to collect information from people who are distraught and may not be thinking straight at the time. The ability to help a person relax and remember details will help the operator obtain a complete report on the situation.
Company Policies
How companies teach operators to enter information into the system will help employees to be thorough and fast while still creating legible notes for quality assurance and claim processing. Medical codes, insurance codes and a company shorthand will help create a consistency to data entry that will increase efficiency.
The data entry strategy for claims management needs to be comprehensive, detailed and enhanced by the latest technology. Efficiency in claim management improves the customer experience and is a better return on investment for businesses. Outsourcing this aspect of the business can help increase efficiency and ROI. For more information about FNOL and 24/7 claim reporting, contact us.