Detrimental Effects of Employee Absenteeism on the Workplace

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May 26th, 2017


shutterstock_227384539 - CopyThe problems associated with employee absenteeism are not limited to the employee and the consequences are far-reaching. Employee absenteeism can affect productivity, finances, and workplace morale. Attendance issues affect a business’s bottom line as well as the rest of the staff. That is why it is vital for employers to develop and enforce an absence reporting policy. Without proper attendance protocols in place, employers can encounter some or all of the issues discussed below.

Poor Performance

When an employee is absent on a regular basis, they may be unable to complete their work by the given deadline. Failure to come into work on a regular basis impedes the employee’s ability to complete projects. However, it also bleeds over into other departments. If the employee is working on a beginning or middle phase of a project, staff members responsible for the final pieces cannot begin work. This causes a domino effect of delays and loss of productivity.

Limited Growth Potential

Employers expect employees to continue to grow in abilities and expertise. If an employee misses work on a regular basis, it is unlikely they will be able to work on their professional development. Instead of growing their skill set, the employee will be playing catch up and trying to stay abreast with their current workload.

Strife Among Staff

Other staff members will grow to resent their chronically absent coworkers. It requires them to pick up the slack and work longer hours. This leads to tension and can cause poor working relations for future projects. The remaining staff can come to resent management as well. Employees without attendance issues will perceive that management is allowing the absent employee to continue missing work without repercussions.
This is why having an absence reporting and management system is essential. Without these procedures and tools in place, management may not even realize an attendance issue exists. Actec can help businesses implement an absence reporting and management system to avoid the above issues. To learn more, contact us.