Is Your Claims Process Ready For Autonomous Vehicles?

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March 7th, 2017


greenhouse gas truckThe number of automated processes within any given vehicle continues to grow as technology progresses. Fully autonomous vehicles are on the horizon and insurance companies need to prepare themselves for this reality. Autonomous vehicles will change claims management to a significant degree. Some examples of these changes include:

  • Targets of claims and lawsuits
  • How adjusters allocate liability
  • An increase in product liability claims

With incidents involving traditionally operated vehicles, most claims and lawsuits target one or more drivers. By removing drivers from the equation, individuals will turn to the car and technology manufacturers. Technology may be insusceptible to distractions and alcohol, but it can wear down over time. Experts expect many autonomous vehicle lawsuits to focus on the potential for fatigued software to malfunction.
Meanwhile, insurers will need to consider how they will assign liability after a customer makes a claim. Another liability headache adjusters should expect is dealing with shared ownership of a vehicle. Autonomous vehicles come with a hefty price tag, so more than one individual may own and operate the vehicle. This adds an additional layer of complexity to allocating liability.

Expect More Product Liability Claims

Specialists are predicting a rise in product liability claims for one significant reason: money. Car manufacturers and software development companies have much deeper pockets than one individual does. This makes them a lucrative target. Engineers responsible for crash avoidance algorithms could also find themselves liable or pulled into lawsuits.
While autonomous vehicles pose certain difficulties for insurers, experts agree the technology will reduce accidents. Insurers may need fewer dedicated auto adjusters as a result, but they will need a proportionate increase in product liability adjusters. Regardless, insurance companies need to examine their current claims management process. To learn more about custom claims management solutions, contact the experts at Actec.