Is Your Claims Management System up to Par?

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October 18th, 2017


shutterstock_306793247 - CopyInsurance companies encounter a number of hurdles on their way to business success. Aside from the inherently competitive nature of the insurance field, companies must also remain compliant with strict regulations as well as meet growing customer expectations. An effective claims management process plays a significant role in a company’s relative success within the industry. In particular, a company’s claims management process needs to find ways to control costs, decrease incidents of fraud, and keep customers happy.

Reducing Expenses

The longer it takes an insurance company to settle a claim, the more it costs the insurer. This is because of increased administrative costs. One way to mitigate this is to automate some of the claims management process. For example, investigating a claim by hand without automation takes much longer and is prone to errors. Resolving errors draws out the amount of time it takes to close a claim. Automation can also detect incidents of frauds. Long processing periods, errors, and fraud all eat into a company’s profits, so it behooves insurers to invest in some automation technology.

Identifying and Handling Fraudulent Claims

When an insurance company pays out for a fraudulent claim, the cost does not stop with them. The customer also takes on the burden of this unnecessary expense as premiums often increase to account for the added expenditure. Claims management software can help detect fraud and trigger an investigation well before the insurer settles the claim.

Closing Claims in a Timely Manner

The amount of time it takes to settle a claim has a direct correlation to the customer’s overall satisfaction. Swift claim resolution also gives companies a competitive advantage over those who take longer to settle claims. Expediting the claims process also saves time and money as well as boosts customer satisfaction.
The best way for insurers to address costs, fraud, and claims processing time is with an efficient claims processing system. This is why Actec offers full-cycle claim and incident reporting solutions. Contact us today to learn more about managing risk and settling claims while improving customer satisfaction.