Claim Intake and Claims Management Best Practices

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March 5th, 2014


Incident reporting must be cost-effective to achieve long-term success in any organization. Cost-effective incident reporting and claims management is dependent upon capturing accurate information in a prompt and well-organized manner. When policyholders report a notice, greeting them professionally is important. Of equal importance, of course, is the professionalism exhibited on the other end of the process – data entry. Trained intake specialists must quickly and accurately ask the right questions and enter the appropriate information into the applicable form using a best practices workflow.
Only through years of first notice of loss (FNOL) experience can claim intake best practices be honed into a streamlined training program. Whether entering notices into a custom application, a standardized application, or your in-house claims management system, capturing the vital details quickly and effectively while maintaining a pleasant demeanor is paramount. Providing medical coding, duplicate checking, quality assurance reviews, and notice completion in addition to streamlined and skilled services keeps costs down and satisfaction up – where they belong.