Actec’s FNOL (First Notice of Loss) Claim Management Operating in Inclement Conditions

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January 17th, 2011


Although most of Atlanta, including schools, had been shut down for 3 days, Actec’s FNOL was open for business and maintaining top level first notice of loss. Though uncommon for the Atlanta area, strong snowstorms do sometimes occur, crippling the region. Lack of snow removal equipment combined with a storm that dumped nearly 6 inches in less than 3 hours created numerous problems. Here is a breakdown of our claim reporting statistics for Tuesday 1/11/2011. In the face of these conditions, we managed an average answer speed of 33 seconds and an abandon rate of only 2.7%!
Through careful planning by Actec staff, hotel rooms were secured near the FNOL Call Center in Atlanta. Most of the staff had stayed at the hotel since Sunday night and were within shuttle or walking distance. Additionally, we utilized remote employees to ensure maximum customer call reception. Thank you to all our employees who took time away from family to make sure our customers were taken care of.