Actec Publishes Article on FNOL in Inclement Conditions

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February 28th, 2011


When utilizing FNOL (first notice of loss) operations, it is critical to stay technologically astute, harnessing all available venues to maximize the client experience. This is seldom more apparent than during times of inclement meteorological conditions, which will be explored in a specific case below. Data must be integrated across all contact methods, including telephonic, e-mail, fax, and direct web entry, for consolidated reporting and may be filtered by contact method if needed. Individual notices should immediately transmit via automated e-mail or fax to any number of recipients, based on the location, type of report and other criteria. Scheduled summary reports must also be available, allowing regular electronic distribution of reports daily, weekly, monthly, or by custom period to multiple recipients based on level of management within an organization. For more, read the article.