Actec is a Highly Professional and Efficient Claims Management Company

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April 2nd, 2012


Every business needs to protect its employees and personnel within the office. Sometimes, however, an incident occurs that points to an employee’s safety risk or liability. In such instances having the support of a claims management company can be the difference between a potential lawsuit and a peaceful resolution. Actec is a claims management company that offers professional services for labor and industry claims. Actec has many years of experience in the field as do the company’s professionals. By using the company’s claim management and FNOL (First Notice of Loss) services, business owners can effectively manage risk, increase productivity and reduce costs when it concerns their employees.

Actec’s specialists are always there to help customers close labor and industry claims quickly and manage all levels of risk in an organization. Actec FNOL intake specialists are specially trained to handle after-hours incidents and overflow. They provide detailed reports that capture all the information required for a professional claims management company. The labor and industry claim reporting approach followed by Actec is highly customizable when it comes to providing relevant information to clients. By adapting the workflow according to the needs and requirements of the clients, Actec’s professionals can provide truly cost effective solutions for every client’s needs.

About Actec
Actec offers claim and incident reporting services to improve productivity of the employees and help reduce costs for commercial and personal insurance carriers, self-insured companies, third party administrators, and managed care organizations. Find out more by browsing through