Absence Management Best Practices

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May 27th, 2015


Do you know how much your business is affected by employee absence? Do you know what percentage of your employee absences are controllable? Without a firm grasp of your employee absenteeism, it’s impossible for your business to make measurable, sustainable improvements in your workplace. Here are just a few reasons why employee absences must be tracked:

  • Unexpected absences can reduce the performance of the absent employee
  • Both planned and unplanned absences can increase workload and strain on team dynamics
  • Untracked absences can lead to employees unintentionally taking more vacation or sick time than they are allotted, or (intentionally or not) taking said time off without it counting against their total time available
  • Absence patterns, though potentially coincidental, can cause a workplace to seem lackluster, chaotic, or disorganized to clients, prospects, and employees
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