9 Tips for Better Claims Management

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March 26th, 2015


The best claims management techniques will control costs, and improve a company’s employee retention. Mentioned below are 9 tips to do exactly that:

  1. Understand the people and responsibilities of all participants involved.
  2. Ensure that all individuals understand their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Document all injuries, whether they are major, or minor.
  4. Report everything without leaving out any detail.
  5. Train staff on filing claims, and encourage employees to take the appropriate steps.
  6. Work-related, and non-work-related claims must be treated equally.
  7. Do not be biased with employees, and ensure equal treatment of all claimants.
  8. Document, document, document everything.
  9. Cultivate your relationships with the claimants, even after settlements.

Companies should encourage their employees to be honest with the management. At the same time managers need to be respectful and patient with the concerned parties. To know more about Actec and how we can assist your business’ claim management procedures, click here.