6 Tips to Avoid Post-Summer Blues and Absenteeism

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September 23rd, 2019


As summer fades into fall, employers may notice their employees struggling to engage with their tasks. Returning from a summer vacation can be difficult and lead to poor productivity, detachment, and even culminate in absenteeism. Thankfully, there are several ways employees can prevent post-vacation blues in order to thrive in the workplace.

  1. Incorporate a transition day. Employees who return from vacation one day and resume work the next are likely to experience stress and resentment toward their job. Not only do they have to return to the office, but they also have to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, and potentially recover from jetlag. Incorporating at least one transition day for these tasks can make returning to work a little easier.
  2. Plan vacation ahead of an exciting project. While almost everyone would choose lounging at the beach over spending time in an office, planning vacations prior to beginning an exciting assignment can make heading back to the office more appealing. Plus, vacations can allow employees to recharge and reenergize to give their work more focus.
  3. Schedule a mid-week return. This isn’t always possible, but returning mid-week allows employees to ease back into their schedule so they don’t feel overwhelmed. Knowing that the weekend is just a couple of days away can facilitate a gentler re-entry to regular work hours.
  4. Pace workloads upon returning. Diving straight back in at full throttle is a sure way to burnout or begin resenting the office. Starting with less complex projects allows employees to incorporate an adjustment period to build back up to their usual pace.
  5. Build in easy wins. Employees can feel defeated if they return to work and struggle to get out from under a mountain of tasks that built up while they were away. Planning some high-priority but easy to accomplish tasks upon returning to the office allows employees to generate momentum and helps them find their stride again.
  6. Have the right attitude. Employees that view vacations as a recovery from their job rather than an opportunity to recharge will likely struggle to reintegrate into the workplace. This kind of attitude makes employees resistant to returning to work.

Employers noticing their staff members struggling with the end of summer blues should take steps to ensure a positive company culture. When employees know their employer cares about their wellbeing, it improves their productivity, engagement, and attendance. Contact the experts are Actec to learn how we can help your business tackle absenteeism and other attendance challenges.