6 Things Adjusters Need to Tell Customers During FNOL

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April 15th, 2019


First Notice of Loss (FNOL) sets the tone for a claim and has a huge effect on customer satisfaction. If the customer has a poor experience during FNOL, it is next to impossible to turn their opinion around. When a customer calls in to report property damage or loss, they’re likely in a sensitive emotional state and will need some guidance. The following instructions can help ensure the customer has a positive property claim experience as well as expedite the process:

  1. Secure the property to prevent additional damage. Some types of damage will only get worse the longer they are left in that state. Adjusters should encourage customers to take numerous pictures and then implement temporary solutions to prevent further damage. Not only does this help save some of the customer’s property, but it can also reduce the overall repair costs for the insurer later. The adjuster should also remind the customer to keep any receipts for items purchased to make the repairs. Of course, adjusters should only recommend this if the customer can safely access the property.
  2. Take pictures. Field adjusters will take pictures of the damage when they arrive. However, supplying an insurer with personal pictures can help adjusters assess the extent of the damage and expedite the claim if necessary.
  3. Retain all damaged property. While it may seem odd to hold onto damaged belongings, it helps adjusters determine the full extent of the loss. Throwing out items before an adjuster can see them can affect the total amount of compensation.
  4. Keep all receipts. Numerous expenses can occur following a loss. Adjusters should remind customers to retain all their receipts related to dealing with the loss as they may qualify for reimbursement.
  5. Generate a detailed list of lost property. When a loss first occurs, a customer may be able to rattle off everything they lost. As more time passes, it’s easy to forget various items, which can result in an unfair settlement. To ensure clients receive accurate compensation, have them write it all down on a list.
  6. Notify the police if applicable. Some losses are due to theft and adjusters should instruct customers to file a police report in that event as well.

When adjusters take the time to walk customers through the above, they improve their experience as well as help expedite the claim. To learn more ways to improve FNOL and the claim cycle, contact the experts at Actec.